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Episode 116: Packagist Patch Shows How Supply Chain Threats Could Impact WordPress

A vulnerability discovered in Packagist, which is used by Composer to manage PHP package requests, could have allowed attackers to trick Composer into downloading backdoored source code, potentially affecting all WordPress sites. Packagist reports that it’s not aware of any exploits. A SQL injection vulnerability was patched in the CleanTalk AntiSpam plugin installed on over 100k sites. Vulnerabilities were discovered in Exim mail server, including 3 RCE vulnerabilities. We’re seeing some of the first trickle-down attacks from the Codecov supply chain attack, first from HashiCorp and then from Twilio. Apple releases iOS 14.5.1 to patch vulnerabilities in WebKit that are being exploited in the wild, a DDoS takes down Belgium, Peloton exposes customer information, and Signal taunts Facebook with a rejected advertising campaign.

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